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This is a game for Jason Tocci's 24XX Lo-Fi RPG and an entry in the 24XX Jam.

The characters in this game are deep space explorers, opening up new worlds and systems through hyperspace. Travelling to a system for the first time is dangerous; you never know what will be found or encountered, from deadly black holes to alien civilisations. The risks are great, but so are the rewards.

There are tables to help develop your characters and ships, as well as the systems you visit.

This is a layered PDF. Background and images can be disabled for printing.

See the video for a preview of the full PDF.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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24XX: Deep Space Explorers - Layered PDF 284 kB
24XX: Deep Space Explorers - Layered PDF Alternate Cover 284 kB
24XX: Deep Space Explorers - Plaintext file 8 kB

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I notice the file names and page name both say 24XX, though the cover and images both say 2400. When you have a chance, could I trouble you to switch the image’s and cover to say 24XX too? I sometimes give the okay to use that name in stuff that does a play on the name and heads into different genre territory (like 2400 BC and Ocean’s 2400), but I don’t want to confuse folks with multiple space sci-fi games titled “2400.” Hope that makes sense!

Sure, no problem! I'll get it done shortly.

Thanks so much!


can you possibly add more community copies?

Gone already? Sure!

Thanks! Also the cover text isn't readable without the paper layer enabled

(1 edit)

Oh yes, it will be white on white won't it? I wonder what would be a good colour to replace it with?

EDIT: Red and yellow both show up on the image, but yellow looks terrible on white.

Uploaded an alternate version with red text on the cover.